One of the participants of the most important beauty pageant in the world, miss Universeshe was forced to leave her important position, as her general health was constantly at risk.

The women who participate in this contest must maintain an integral aspect between their outer and inner beauty, and that undoubtedly implies that they must maintain a strong mental health, since submitting to the comments and criticism of millions of people can cause severe damage.

This would be the case of one of the contestants who, quite sadly, abandoned the dream for which he fought several years.

When leaving the contest, the contestant clarified that she had to resign because she did not feel the moral or clinical support of the organization for her condition.

miss latvia, Kate Alexeevaargued that first and above all else was his health, «I am forced to revoke my participation in Miss Universe this year. I still can’t believe I’m saying this. This decision is made because my health and the health of other contestants and their families is a priority.«.

Apparently apart from her mental health, the resignation took more force after being diagnosed with Covid 19Therefore, his resignation was irrevocable. Kate I consider it a priority to take care of her colleagues and the public that attends the event, and although she sadly said goodbye, she was applauded for her gesture.