A recent video of the singer Park Bom made fans care about the artist.

Park Bom recently performed at the event «2022 POPSTIVAL» in Philippines on October 21. the singer sang “Fire”, “Spring”, “4:44”, “Don’t Cry” and “You & I”. Everyone was happy to see Park Bom on stage, but they also expressed concern.

Video: Park Bom raises concern for her health

Former entertainment reporter, now Youtuber Lee Jin Ho, revealed the reasons why the singer changed. On October 24, he uploaded a video explaining that Park Bom was diagnosed attention deficit disorder (ADD) and was not able to control eating habits even when promoting 2NE1 in YG Entertainment.

Video: Park Bom raises concern for her health

The YouTuber said: «I asked a former official of YG-Entertainment and they told me that it was difficult to control it. Especially when Park Bom she was stressed, because she would overeat, so it was difficult for her to control her weight.”

Lee Jin Ho also expressed his concern and mentioned: «Park Bom he appears to have put on weight since his appearance on the broadcast in July and August. Big stress.”

Concerned fans commented: «Regardless of whether I like it or not, I’m more worried about her”, “She gained a lot of weight in such a short period of time, so I’m worried that something is wrong with her health”, “I hope that Park Bom be fine”, “I heard that if you take psychiatric drugs, you can gain weight, so I wonder if that’s it… I’m worried”«I think he’s having health issues, and it’s not just a simple weight gain.”

Due to the number of comments, the artist’s agency released a statement that says: “She does not have any health problems. Only weight gain in her inactive period. She recently started exercising and dieting. »

The singer attracted attention, since last year she lost a total of 11 kilos. During that period the artist herself said:

It was difficult to follow a diet due to the treatment for ADD, but I am happy that I have made this progress, I am already coming off medications and improving my health.

Video: Park Bom raises concern for her health