Parishioners of the Trinity Church in the village of Yaltunova, Shatsk District, collected and handed over humanitarian aid to residents of Donbass

A collection point for humanitarian aid for residents of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics continues to operate in the Shatsky District.

In the reception center, located in the village of Dyadkovo, Ryazan region, the residents of Shatsk have already sent four flights with clothes, shoes, essentials, and food. Assistance is provided by individual entrepreneurs, organizations and enterprises of the district, schools, townspeople and villagers.

Now, at the reception point of the Shatsk district, another humanitarian package is being formed. It already includes hygiene products, bedding and clothes.

On May 12, parishioners of the Trinity Church in the village of Yaltunovo joined this good action.

Mother Vera Kvasnaya says:

“The Russian Orthodox Church is actively helping the residents of Donbass who have temporarily come to us in the Ryazan region. They have already received food, toys, stationery, clothes, prayer books from the Ryazan Metropolis; various publications on Orthodox themes, icons and pectoral crosses. All dioceses participate in the collection of humanitarian aid. Including the Shatsk deanery of the Skopinsky diocese, headed by Archpriest Philip Kvasny. All our churches collect donations. So the Trinity Church in the village of Yaltunovo, where we serve, handed over new women’s clothing to the collection point in the Chernoslobodsky Palace of Culture. It was collected by our parishioners. We also donated food – cookies and sweets.”