Hri Pardubic slav gl v sti Karvin v utkn Fortuna league.
| photo: TK

The home team has two laps before the end of the season to jump to the top bar.

Pardubice decided at home asylum in a crack in the light between 33 and 41 minutes. In the meantime, the guest Luk Bartok received a red card.


We followed Utkn minute by minute.

The house is active. In a quarter of a minute, Lupa got to the end of vpn and swept over. Pardubice continued to be active, within a few seconds the guest games blocked all three houses.

Karvinsk goalkeeper Ciupa, who celebrated his 24th birthday today, again dealt with a worm from a long shot. In the 24th minute, the first Magnifier entered Kostka’s hill, but it turned colorful again. Five minutes later, a guest guest Jursa came to the Sinjava center, ending the bag next door.

In the 33rd minute Vchodoei udeili. He magnified the magnifying glass into the back, when he worked his balloon in the air in a difficult position, turned around and opened the closet with the help of a bounce. The Pardubice stopper recorded the premier gl in the league seasons.

A moment later, Bartok beat Lupa and received a yellow card from Szikszay’s decision, despite the protests of the home games. However, the video decision Kocourek was inserted into the action and the judge Szikszay canceled the original verdict after seeing repeated harvests and expelled the Karviná child.

Elstka stood at the next pmmu kick and increased the lead to 2: 0 with an accurate shot. So he enrolled in the insoles for the first time in this row of the highest competition.

After the change of sides, the house was looking for a two-goal jump. The Pardubice elephant got into you, but he ended up with a stele outside of you. In the set, Cadu’s striker did not hit a completely exposed goal.

Pardubice defeated Karviná in the league in the league in the first attempt. Vchodoei scored poest in a row at home. On the other hand, Slezan, who won the final of the last city and relegation in the last round, lost out of the last seven matches outside the league.