A renowned paparazzi has confirmed that Clara Chia She was admitted to a hospital for several anxiety crises, and apparently everything would be caused by her boyfriend Gerard Piqué.

the couple of 23 Y 35 years began their relationship after committing a betrayal against the Colombian ShakiraPiqué’s ex-partner, and since the news was made public they have been mercilessly attacked by millions of people, and media from all over the world.

For this reason, the Spanish media assured that the young model had to be hospitalized after experiencing episodes of anxiety that were not normal, but now, far from believing that the cause of the anxiety was the judgments thrown at her, it is estimated that the episodes are for news that they would keep secret in order to create less controversy, but that has already been revealed by a reporter.

the paparazzi jordi martin Apparently it will reveal that there is news that has caused anxiety in the model, and that it would apparently be broadcast in the coming days in a well-known program called “The fat and the skinny«.

The paparazzi assures that the woman’s anxiety attacks are not caused by Shakiraand assures that she is far from this topic, as well as affirms that the cause of her discomfort would be the bomb that actually Gerard Piqué if he was unfaithful to his girlfriend with the lawyer Julia Puigbut who have preferred to keep it secret to avoid much more media pressure than they are facing now.