It almost looks like when you take out what you wore thirty years ago, you’ll be a star. Mon, a little, but furnaces only, to this last design also added something innovative, and it is about colors, materials used or style details.

In any case, you can find such a popular jacket with huge shoulders. In these, the women proved that they have the same service in business as their fellow colleagues. This is true even today, when the padding is also worn on sweaters and tops.

Tops with a volume on the shoulders of the frella last year and are on the course below, you really have an unusual but nice silhouette.

Let’s go back to the bags. You need a two-row model with a straight cut, ideally in neutral colors, such as white or white. Don’t underestimate the detail, in this case the button: they should be stabbing, gold, tracing, or at least sweet.

The skirt, T-shirts, everything will be shortened at the same time. At least the rush helped where the ltka could not be completely caught up.

Uf, e to pro vs nen? So we go back a decade! From the tk nm to the tight, there is a bit longer mini lengths, and wide long pants evoking a relaxed look of hippies.

Bohmsk mrnc skrtka pod jede! Well, if even this doesn’t work for me, try to cover your head from the head and heel. Monochrome mda is here and for those who don’t have to make combinations, it’s a sign of idel.