The new owner of the organization Miss Universe, Anne Jakrajutatip, I would have taken the boyfriend away from Catriona Gray, Philippine beauty queen who won Miss Universe 2018, generating all kinds of comments on social networks around the embarrassing event.

Through the social media and what was revealed by different Asian media, a dark rumor has been revealed that splashes the new owner of Miss Universe, where it has been stated that Anne Jakrajutatip, formed a relationship with the ex’s boyfriend Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray, who represented Philippines in the 67th edition of the universal contest held in the city of Bangkok, Thailand.

These revelations have impacted more than one, since the owner of the most important beauty pageant in the world is supposed to be an example of union and power within women, not the opposite, taking away their boyfriends.

In addition to this, various speculations have also arisen that intimate scenes of Jakrajutatip with the ex-boyfriend of the Asian beauty queen, which has generated a lot of outrage on social media.

This scandal undoubtedly generates a lot of controversy within Miss Universe, which in the last two weeks has been accused of fraud and internal interest, for having crowned Miss Universe in its most recent edition. R’Bonney Gabriel, representative of the United States, above the great favorite and most complete Miss of the edition, Amanda Dudamel, of Venezuela.

Other than that, it is said that the img, The former company that owned Miss Universe would have made an agreement with Anne’s company, and whose plan was always to crown the representative of the United States before ceding the rights to the new organization.

And you, what do you think of all this great controversy?