Simona Krainov (49) will have the most emotional emotions and still have a large fan base, even people who don’t have to, and don’t be afraid to inform yourself. However, some of the comments are actually on the verge of fun and light ikana. Constructive criticism? Don’t expect much on Instagram. Other times, however, the hateful comments are so bizarre and clear that it may not even pay to delete them … we have collected for all of them.

Being active on social sites brings with it a lot. If the hunter is known and successful, it will give him a great cooperation and Instagram will make him such a better side, sometimes even the main source of income. But being an influencer is definitely not for anyone and not at all who can handle hateful comments, which are no exception, but with such a golden rule.

You like that Simona Krainov They are not so surprised that there is speculation that some comments and commentaries will disappear, so that the herbs will disappear and be deleted. Apart from constructive criticism, the model will meet on the table, sometimes with bizarre tricks and other times with the bullshit that she killed.

Commenting under the photos at the regular bombardment of questions with the team, for local vacationers do not prefer children to bike. Other times he listens to comments on his character or some aesthetic steps that he does not hide in his life.

Try to freeze normally and then present yourself, pj teba lid. And another, I ask myself, that it is on holiday.

And the hunter sometimes attacks and where the imaginary border is.

You have Simon’s big fan storehouse, who is not afraid to stand up and who bombs her daily with the first fact that she is an inspiring goddess with a wind in her hair.

Own teeth? Pe bizarnm comments

However, some comments are so bizarre that it makes sense. Krainov could ask you questions about my nails or my old hands and that she should rather hide them.

Another time, under her photo with a laugh, the people laughed:And you have those teeth or are they implants?