Over a thousand tons of grain are threshed in Starozhilovsky Ryazan Gardens LLC per day

The grain field of LLC “Ryazan Gardens” is the largest in the Starozhilovsky district – 8389 hectares. By the beginning of the harvest, machine operators prepared the Akros combine and eight Polesie. Two new “Akros” were recently bought on the farm and this is the first harvest for them.

Combiners harvest 200 hectares per day, and 1,000 or more tons of grain enter the bins. On the morning of August 3, they threshed 6482 tons of wheat. The yield exceeded 50 centners per hectare.

Agronomist of an agricultural enterprise Anatoly Kovalenko:

“We are still at the initial stage, although we have harvested viola wheat on 1,292 hectares. The yield of winter crops pleases, the threshing is good. Barley is also approaching, the harvesting of which must be started immediately in order to prepare the soil for winter sowing by the deadline. The yield of spring crops, it should be noted, will be somewhat lower, due to the prolonged drought and heat, when the barley could not really break through.

Leader of the current harvest on the farm, combine operator Alexey Plekhanov, who harvested 640 tons of grain, shared his impressions of the first days of the harvest. By the way, Alexei is a paratrooper. On August 2, on the Day of the Airborne Forces, he threshed over 100 tons of grain. And his brand new “Akros” can be seen from afar by the waving flag of the Airborne Forces. He told:

“This season in Ryazan Gardens is the second for me. “Polesie” was preparing for the harvest, where he worked here last year. And when it came time to bring the combine into the field, they said that they had bought two new combines, and I would work on one of them. Due to the start-up by the specialists of this combine, it was necessary to leave for the field a little later than the others. Of course, it is a pleasure to work on such a machine. My “Polesie” was entrusted to a student, the future mechanic Danila Melnikov. He, along with other combine operators, achieves good output.