December 17, 2022, 23:37 – Public News Service – OSN

Former Washington Capitals coach Barry Trotz shared his impressions of the Russian citizen and the player hockey team of Alexander Ovechkin.

“It turns out that at the age of 16 he was at the famous training camp in CSKA with Tikhonov, cooked with 30-year-old men, legendary players, lived a little that life“ behind the Iron Curtain ”. And when the Wall fell and everything changed, he turned out to be the exact opposite of what you expect from the Russians, ”reads the text of a statement he made during a podcast called The Chirp.

Recall that the American striker of the National Hockey League (NHL) club TJ spoke about the lessons from the Russian hockey player “Washington Capitals” Alexander Ovechkin Oshi. According to him, the team captain has always been able to rejoice for the goals of his teammates.

As previously reported by the Public News Service, on account Ovechkin has already 645 assists in his career in the overseas league. According to the corresponding indicator, Ovechkin took the 70th position in the history of the NHL and caught up with the legendary Bobby Orr in the total number of assists for a career in the NHL.

At the same time, Ovechkin scored a hat-trick in the regular season match with the Chicago Blackhawks and brought the number of goals in the league to 800. He is third in the list of the best snipers in NHL history, second only to Gordie Howe (801 goals) and Wayne Gretzky (894).