Petr Jaro from Ostrava will fight the witness Ondej Lingr.
| photo: Alexandr Satinsk,

They celebrate losing three points to the leader of Pilsen, who defeated the newcomer Hradec Krlov in his Mladá Boleslav asylum 2: 0.


utkn we watched minute by minute

Zpas zal for Ostrava patn. Only in the water five-minute house did the house produce a few bugs in the middle of the hit and one was punished by gle. Falta piel om, Traor quickly ran a vertical pitch Sora and the former tonk of Ostrava gave a technical stela to the first three leagues in the Slavia jersey.

However, Slezan gradually warmed up and leveled the picture of the game. At 24 minutes, it was a few centimeters from the Klm level, but after its head around the corner, guests were saved. A similar situation brought Alci and Alms, who missed the head. They had a lot of torment in their house. Fleiman’s center on the left failed to push Ousa away, the balloon fell to Bucht, and he caught Mandous on the volley.

After the equalizer hit, Ostrava turned out to be a heroic performance and the games rushed in militancy in front of the recently encouraging stadium. Slavia had no counter-weapons, only checking me for a ton of halves did not lead me to him.

On the other hand, they threatened the house again in the 55th minute, but Klm slipped in a promising position, but he did not succeed.

Twenty minutes before the end, the Bank faced a critical situation. Chief Judge Hocek, after consulting with a video decision, praised Lischka’s step on the penetrating Sora with a red card, but the pm kick from the big shot filled the bomb with a bomb.

Slavia in Pesilovka continued in the land continent, only without landings. Ostrava, who was constantly fighting, did not expose Latvka to the bottom of the head and weakened the bakery without a hunt. Goalkeeper Mandous also went to Ostrava during the lottery, but nothing was valid for the guests. Praan won the only duel in the superstructure.