From the 27th of April, the popular Tbor with tiktokers took place in the Svat Jan Hrachov recreation center. According to Expres, he vehemently strove for the title until the last moment There Untermller alias The boy with the stone, but the organizers explained to him that he should not drink it here due to a recent case.

No one knows that he did it, but rumors are circulating from many quarters that he had to climb into the tent on some tboe child. I don’t know if it’s true, but we didn’t want to be associated with it. We, as organizers, do not celebrate it here, and let’s try to prevent it, said Jakub Jra, co-owner of Tbor with tiktokers, to the Expres camera.

Tbor’s ride is not over and Ondra informs him that he will arrive and threatens him. Someone recorded a voice saying that if I don’t invite him to tbor, he will never go to Clash of the Stars. Ondra, don’t worry about it, we don’t and we don’t want to go Jr., who is also a co-promoter of the Clash of the Stars organization, told Untermller.

If you drink, let’s call the police. Untermller case or

The organizers of the camp stand by the fact that if the Boy with the stone on you finally showed up, it would be necessary to call the police.

If he drank, the police would drink, they would talk to Ondra and take him out of the tbor, announces Jra.

Ondeje Untermeller was contacted by the Expres editors at two. An influencer who first became famous on the show Yes, phew!he admitted that he would sometimes follow the children into the tent, and told them that he was going to another event.

The case is open to two. It was supposed to happen in 2020, but he went again last year, so I know it’s not true, a young man told him that he was with the Boy with the Stone.

Watch the entire interview with the organizers of Tbor with tiktokers in the video.