The Miss Universe Organization, by the hand of its new owner, the Thai tycoon Anne Jakrajutatip, is suffering a massive boycott from several countries that previously had the regional franchises to send their candidate to the contest, generating an uncertain future that worsens due to the controversial victory of R’Bonney Gabriel in the most recent edition of the contest.

Since JKN Global Group, From the hand of its owner Anne Jakrajutatip, it acquired the franchise of the Miss Universe organization, many countries felt uncertainty about what could happen with the pageant from now on.

As if it had been a prediction, the new owner is making some changes that several countries have not liked very much. Since the victory of Miss USA in the most recent edition, up to the auction that it is doing of each of the regional organizations around the world, this has generated great discontent in the public and in the business.

Ghana, Cayman Islands, Vietnam, Indonesia and Belize, They are just some of the countries that have thrown in the towel with the Miss Universe. They all conclude that they are not willing to align themselves with the new requirements that Jakrajutatip is asking for in order to compete.

Concern about what could happen with the contest continues to generate discussion on social networks. Since the miss Universe It has traditionally been the most important and popular beauty pageant in the world, something that could end completely with the new owner.

Meanwhile, R’Bonney Gabriel is doing an Asian tour promoting the contest. However, he has unfortunately not gotten any companies that are interested in using his likeness to advertise products or media.

And you, what do you think will happen with the Miss Universe organization?