Constant attention to people is one of the main qualities of a trade union leader. The chairman of the primary trade union organization of kindergarten No. 36 of Neftekamsk (Republic of Bashkortostan) Nadezhda Burmistrova is sure of this. In her life, she finds time to make music with children, and to protect the rights of employees, and for the family.

The leadership qualities of Nadezhda Burmistrova manifested themselves already in childhood: at school she headed the Komsomol organization of the class.

“It was then that interest in social work arose,” recalls Nadezhda Nikolaevna. – I actively participated in the life of the school, was, as they said then, the leader of the Komsomol. She could easily “ignite” her classmates with some idea. I remember how, together with other Komsomol organizers, we gathered once a week to discuss pressing school problems. These meetings taught me to think critically, to be able to work on mistakes.

Nadezhda Burmistrova began her career in kindergarten in 1986. Here she still works as a music director. She joined the ranks of the trade union from the first day, and she has headed the trade union committee for more than 20 years.

– The main quality of a trade union leader is the ability to find a compromise, – says Nadezhda Burmistrova. – You need to be respected by both employees and the employer. You must make decisions that will satisfy both parties.

Almost all of the kindergarten’s 92 employees are union members. The team is tight-knit. The trade union committee takes a creative approach to congratulating colleagues on various anniversaries: mini-performances, costumed performances are arranged. Even farewell to retirement is organized in such a way that employees then remember their colleagues with warmth for a long time. The team is united by numerous sports and creative events.

Workers enjoy legal assistance from lawyers of the city and republican committees of the trade union. A separate pride of the institution is the collective agreement, where, along with other benefits, an additional annual paid leave of seven days is fixed for junior educators, which is extremely important for this category of workers.

To be a trade union leader for Nadezhda Burmistrova means to be responsible for others, to know more than others, to be able to do more, to deal with the problems of the entire team and each individual person. The works of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Strauss and, of course, the family help to distract the chairman of the trade union committee from work. A husband, three children and three grandchildren are an island of happiness and tranquility.

Nadezhda Burmistrova has many awards, and recently a certificate of honor from the Federation of Trade Unions of Bashkortostan was added to them for many years of conscientious work and a great contribution to the development of the trade union movement in the republic.

– I can be called a happy person, because I love my job, – says Nadezhda Nikolaevna. I am interested in people and everything that happens around. I like to be in the thick of things, to influence the processes that take place in the team, to help make life more interesting for others!

Artur SUNAGATULLIN, Republic of Bashkortostan

Message Orchestra Man first appeared on Teacher’s newspaper.