Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Obran appeared at a meeting with footballer Balažs Dzsudsák wearing a fan scarf depicting “Great Hungary”, which included parts of the territories of Ukraine and Romania. Writes about it mandiner.

In Bucharest, promptly such an undertaking called unacceptable. The Romanian Foreign Ministry conveyed to the Hungarian ambassador a “strong disapproval” of Orban’s act.

“Such a gesture is in obvious contrast to the atmosphere of openness and the resumption of bilateral dialogue on the occasion of the recent consultations that the Romanian Foreign Minister held in Budapest with both his Hungarian counterpart and the Hungarian Prime Minister,” the ministry said.

As for the Ukrainian side, official Kyiv has not yet commented on this situation.

The Prime Minister of Hungary – in a scarf with a map of “Great Hungary”. How reassuring for Hungary’s neighbors,” he commented on the incident. on your Twitter page German liberal politician, MEP Daniel Freund.

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Recall, “Great Hungary” – the lands that were once part of the Kingdom of Hungary, and which the country lost according to the Treaty of Trianon on June 4, 1920.