December 11, 2022, 07:06 – Public News Service – OSN

Ophthalmologist, ophthalmic surgeon, candidate of medical sciences, head of the ophthalmology department of the Open Clinic Anna Semakina warned that glaucoma is asymptomatic, but can lead to complete blindness. Izvestia writes about it.

The expert spoke as follows: “Glaucoma is a silent killer: it affects the optic nerve and ganglion (nerve) cells of the retina of the eye, which sometimes leads to complete blindness over time.”

She clarified that even if glaucoma is detected in a timely manner, it will not work to return the eye to its original state. To prevent the disease, you need to walk a lot in the fresh air and lead a healthy lifestyle.

As previously reported by the Public News Service, Doctor of Medical Sciences, ophthalmologist Sergei Khomyakov told how cold affects eye health.

Khomyakov explained that cold in the temperature range of the middle zone, that is, down to -20 ° C, is not harmful to the eyes. And as for the temperature of -50…-60 °C, which people face in the Oymyakon area, in combination with wind and a snow storm, they can really cause conjunctiva, frostbite of the eyelids and corneas.