I think the office, as we know it, will have a somewhat old-fashioned impression, Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky said at the Wednesday summit, CEO of The Wall Street Journal.

According to him, the company performs 100% redesign of its offices. The Czech bag admitted that it did not know exactly what the end result should look like. I would like us to be truly innovative about the design of the office and the work of the future, changed the entrepreneur for thirty years.

One thing is for sure, the open office will definitely not. The office of the future should not remember the offices of the past at all, because the world told me.

An open floor plan with meeting rooms, where everyone has to wait in line to get in, and no one can find a free meeting room, that’s what the past, Brian Chesky said.

She works for a long time

His company a few days ago, she informed her that she did not have to return to the office. Amerit employees can grow anywhere in the United States without being hurt. According to Airbnb, however, there are full regular meetings.

The company will not need as much office space as will be associated with costs. Czechs, however, sweat with the expense for getting rid of at regular meetings.

Chesky told her two that during the pandemic, the people used to work from home. The world has become more flexible about where people can work, Chesky has changed. Let’s see it in our own business. We would not have recovered from the pandemic so quickly if it weren’t for the million Airbnb people, he added.

The dark half of the night booked on Airbnb between July and December was a stay of lasting or, according to Airbnb.