And he left the ramp five minutes before five o’clock in the afternoon.

In the heart of Budapest, on Heroes’ Town, he was encouraged by an eve and scandalous crowds of Hungarian fans.

Mathieu van der Poel had only one lap ahead of him: hitting the pink dew, the perfect jersey, which he won in the first stage with a back sprint.

I was to ride the track, there is a lot of stops, at the end of the hill. Urit tries to hit the jersey, before the start.

It was a tough nron of bikes given that the great time was a little surprisingly driven by Simon Yates.

The British had all their career with hasty mountain skills.

But would he dazzle in Time?

This happened for the first time in Budapest. But suddenly he lost names like Tom Dumoulin, Joao Almeida or Tobias Foss. He was the god of everything even for van der Poel, on whom he lost 14 seconds before the stage.

And van der Poel did not allow himself to be intimidated. He drank under the hill with less than a second and did not slow down in the ascent. He lost his seconds on Yates, but he was still the fastest in the field and hit the jersey without any sweat.

He will take him to the Lake Balaton even in the Sunday stage, where he will once again be one of the favorites in the sprint.

I succeeded, I am satisfied. I made sure I put the day in the same jersey, also a pardon, said the Dutchman.

The second day of the day is every Yates, who did not have a similar rush.

It’s unexpected for me, but of course I take it. We put a lot of time and energy into Asovk’s material and I thought it helped me, he smiled.

The first time he ran for all his competitors in the fight for the overall triumph. And you like Miguel Lpez, Alejandro Valverde or Hugh Carthy for almost a minute.

The only esk cyclist in the race, Jan Hirt, lost 58 seconds in the 96th place and his 55th place lost 24 minutes and 24 seconds.

We are preparing details …

ONLINE: We are watching the second stage of the Gira in detail