Lto be praised! After a winter and a lot of spring, the Czech Republic has reached a summer temperature, which also rose for the weekend. No wonder the people spent a lot of time watching TV, so there were shows in the audience, they would be a bit of a city in the winter.

Saturday poadPee cel zemto go tm dothl to a million girls, veer pot se snmek Bohemian Rhapsodyand Nov a seril Lastbroadcast on Czech television had to be satisfied with the murderous them. The viewership fell by 400 thousand.

Coincidentally, this is also the number of those who, according to the peoplemeter, managed the film’s premiere Landscape in the wall, which followed her changed Ultimt and started at 21.05. Although it was not so late, at the hour when most of them went to the corner, on Sunday night it was for a lot of girls and they were dense and dark.

Dal poin reisra Bohdan Slmy is a chronicle of the people and one had a village in the border of the djän tic and fifties of the last century. The heroes of the film of Nazism and Communism, and each of them dealt with their promises and horrors in the world.

Robert Mikla (center) and Petra Palkov will also play in the new film Landscape in the Wall.

Pbhu is dominated by the turbulent fate of one family, the time, the wolf and the events after the wolf always fall on it with full force. The testimony of the Dark Ages was a lot for the actors themselves.

I had to defend that role. I told myself that she was bad, and behind that, The characters of the Nazi Marta Likov, who was inspired by a real person, her protagonist Bra Polkov.

Bra Polkov made the film Landscape in the Wall.

According to her, the biggest scene was when he shot Marta in the film. I was preparing for that scene mentally and I got away with it for a long time. I’m laughing at it, but it was, especially when such a character actually existed and cried out what cried out. Moreover, I was aware that it was not a fair punishment and it was just hereka explained.

Not surprisingly, a number of people after the crime Ultimtum said in the evening that there was plenty of room, and that after the sunny weekend they prefer two spt. Or she was afraid of telling about the (un) inconvenience the character of the people who still …