Hri Bohemians celebrate gl in sti Zlna.
| photo: Ludk Ovesn,

For the Bohemians to have this hope, they can thank Petr Hronek, who in the last seconds of the set time equalized in Jablonec to 1: 1.

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Therefore, both Pardubice, which tied 1: 1 with Zlín, and Jablonec do not have peace. But a hundred points to keep the Bohemians from falling in their hurry.

To Teplice, which twice lost the lead on the hit last Karvin, to the bar m.

In groups, the title is clear. The champion is Plze, the kind is Slavia and Aunt Sparta.

But the first duel of the vice-champion with the crack rival is the league of the last round. It will be the 303rd derby praskchS, the game will be in sold out Eden.

Plzet will once again take the cup against the Bank of Ostrava, which took away Slavia’s points and helped them to the title, take over the cup and celebrate with their fans at the stadium.

Mlad Boleslav jumped from the first duel in the local team. If Olomouc were to take the lead twice, the Brazilian Ewerton equalized.

Especially his kind was literally millions – with a conquest hit behind the goal of 2: 2, he awarded Mlad Boleslav seven cities and a financial award for the local.

5th round of the superstructure

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