21:00 After the joint Pr ptel hundred mt, dancing with the wedding party and getting the party started, there was also a moment of romance. Karlos and his partner had a wedding dance on the pier, where Ji Krampol took them off. The guests were taken out of the magnificent garden.

A sharp knife could not be missing.

Daughter and tty dance.

Karlos tan with his bride Lela.

Karlos tan with his bride Lela.

Watch Karlos and Lela dance on the pier where they got married.

7:30 p.m Lela received a monkey as a wedding gift: a macaque. She was so stunned she couldn’t even speak. She didn’t have much joy. The MMA survivor finally admitted that he meant it as a joke, because he loves the movie Ddictv or Kurvahoigutntg, where Bolek Polvka gave his lover Irence a petrosa.

19:00 Karlos and Lela imagine the Czech-Slovak wedding, when Rytmus rapped for them as a song for the wedding. Natlka Grossov also performed, after which her mother drank rka.

They showed off their wedding rings.

They showed off their wedding rings.

Karlos bragged about his bride.

A meal and drink followed. Duck and venison were served. Everything except the decoration was in charge of Karlos, who, whenever he has no spare time, likes to finish the Czech cuisine.

17:08The dinner itself is over, but that does not mean that this wedding of the century, as Lela Ceterov herself called it, is over! Follow the Expres website and you will find what is happening today here!

4:26 p.mThey are theirs! Lela was able to finish the horse, but you have to go one night, otherwise the horse will be celebrated. Oh my God, he lost his children somewhere! Could you please name our children? kiel into the microphone before taking a photo. In return, he was invited to laugh:So you gave it a shot!


4:11 p.m The bride’s procession was deafening. Her father is leading her to the camp, and behind him are the second-years in red hats. The bride chose a princess wedding dress with a huge skirt and a crown on her head. Oddv is Ji Krampol.

Charles horse
Lela as a princess cr

The wedding from the limousine had to be helped by several people, as they were big.

4:07 p.m To the sound of music from Terminator, the bridegroom walks down the stairs to the pier, where he will wait for his Lela. Karlos made use of his friend Horst Siegl, a former Sparta footballer, and sat him down at the Slavia table.

4:03 p.m The bride came to Obansk√° plovrna in a white Hummer limousine that couldn’t even fit in the street. You can’t wait to see what the bride will look like.

15:50 Natlka Grossov also sings at the wedding, who is completely delighted by the offer.Karlos is very nice to me. It’s getting dark, and I know Lela, said Expres zvka and the daughter of the late Prime Minister Stanislav Gross.

Natlka Grossov was invited to the wedding of the newlyweds.

They also brought two white doves, which will be released to the newlyweds as a symbol of their love.

There will be throats too

3:45 p.m The boat anchored in the harbor near the Obansk shipyard, where the big fire will break out at 4 p.m. Neither Sagvan Tofi nor Michal Kavalk can boast about the breakup.

Sagvan Tofi and Karlos get out of the boat.

Michal Kavalk could not be missing either.

The Obansk shipyard is starting to fill up.

3:30 p.m Obansk plovrna is ready for the big moment, it is also built for children, and the guest has been invited, for example, MMA survivors Alexander Cverna, Michal Martnek and Milo Petrek.

The guests had fun until the wee hours.

Obansk plovrna is ready for the wedding of the year.

There will be a round!

Alexander Black

15:15 To his newly-minted ampion, he left half of the weight of the Octagon Ondej Novotn, who is also a member of Karlos’s ship’s crew. And even through the organization’s official profile.

We know it’s going to be bubbling and it’s going to be a lot of fun, but we hope they’re going to be very angry, asked Novotn.

15:10He revealed the details of the dinner. When Lela goes to the altar, there will be a saxophonist on one side and a singer on the other who will sing the dog from the Lion King. She loves this silicone sex bomb.

Each wedding party took home such a full live supplement from the sports company that sponsors Karlos.

2:50 p.m Karlos is sailing on the Vltava with his friends, among whom we cannot miss his witness Ivo Rittig, Sagvan Tofi, Ondej Novotn and footballer Horst Siegl. It’s his bachelor party, and in an hour he’ll take Lela as his wife. The pier at Obansk plovrna is surrounded by flowers.


2:35 p.m The first guest begins to meet at the place of the meal. Among the first is a tribute to Bohu Mata.

I will sing a song by Karel Gott Dm dolovu rna. I admire Karlos, even when I can’t fight, ekl zpvk. It is also a big surprise for the bridegroom, the actor Ji Krampol instead of making promises to them. And Karlos chose the controversial lobbyist Ivo Rittig as his witness.

2:30 p.m For Lela, she was drinking a white Hummer limousine, which she had parked in the house, and the bride-to-be was ready. She should leave the house around 3 p.m.

The Hummer limousine drives for Lela.

Hummer limo

2:15 p.m They are finishing the preparations on the Obansk ferry, and they even brought the promised bicycle. Even then, no one said anything. Karlos promised a minimal swan, but quickly ended up only getting a child’s bed.

14:00 According to Lela, it is a wedding of the century, so perhaps the divorce will not be a century either. The wedding limousine is perfect.


1:50 p.m Karlos and his friend leave in their car with a bouquet on the hood to enjoy the last summer of freedom. He does it in a black suit.

enich u is ready and go away.

Karlos, take your car to Lo.

Karlos, take your car to Lo.

Karlos is getting ready to leave.

1:35 p.m Karlos comes out in front of the house in a shirt with a blue tie and black pants with the Louis Vuitton logo. He got married with his friends and in a while he will go to lo.

Karlos appeared in front of the house.

Karlos appeared in front of the house.

Come to Mchenice and Karlos’ friends.

13:10 Karlos is slowly preparing to leave the house. He will go with about ten friends on a boat, with which they will ride along the Vltava River. After that, he goes to the Obansk ferry, where he and Lela say yes to each other on the pier. Silikonov krska leaves the house in Mchenice near Prague at 3 p.m., a wedding limousine is drinking for her. Now she lays down so that she will be the most beautiful woman for the future.

I bought these beautiful feathers for my wedding. There can’t be a princess without a diamond furnace, so let’s open the ampask and let’s go, by Lela on Instagram.

Just the peak.

The bride brought a wedding bouquet.

One friend after another hangs out at the house.

12:30 p.m Lela ran around the house in the heat and went unshaven and naked, avoiding her friends, who especially wanted to help her. The lady in red shoes was among the first to drink, and Lela had a heart-to-heart.

Lela you
Lela se v

12:00 p.m Around Vmoland, there was a commotion, cars with passengers came, people kept going from the house and into the house. There is a need to take care of their two children, wake up and keep friends busy so that Lela can prepare for her big day in peace.