Nemanja Kuzmanov (Bank Ostrava) and captain Radim Breite (Sigma Olomouc) during the first round.
| photo: TK

Ostrava in a duel against Olomouc, Zbrojovka Brno against Slovakia, one of the relegated teams, and a match between Zlna and Mlada Boleslav. A new round starts at 4:00 p.m.

At 19:00 go to Stnadle in Teplice for Plze, the defending champion.

Slavia and Sparta go into action on Sunday. the Reds will play in Mlad Boleslav against Hradec Krlov, while the Danish coach Brian Priske will have his Premier League debut in Summer against Liberec.

It was the longest summer break in recent years, league football in Estonia stopped for two and a half months.

In the meantime, Mistrovsk Plze added to the team and increased the competition.

At the start of the season, she is the main candidate to win the championship title.

According to the bookmaker, the species is Sparta, which after five years has again set off on a journey with a foreign coach. From Russia, she received a representative tank, Kuchta, one of the candidates for the best gunner, at the guest house. However, the start of the season was spoiled by a fiasco in the European games: in the 2nd preliminary round of the Konferenn League, they lost to the Norwegian Viking Stavanger.

The interest and excitement that the new season of the Fortuna League offers is a lot more.

For the first time, it is being played with a unified theme and is being led by the preparation of a series of accompanying events for the 20-year jubilee.

Coach Pavel Vrba, who joined Bank Ostrava, is back. With a new investor, Slovakia enters the season, which would soon make its way into Europe, and after two and a half years, football players Pardubice should start at their own stadium.

The Hradec Krlov jet season will take place in the asylum in Mlad Boleslav. And the only newcomer? Zbrojovka Brno, which fell among the elite a year ago.

1st round of the Fortuna League

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