Vclav Pila from Plzeň covers his defense against Teplice.
| photo: TK

While this is the first head-to-head match of the season for the home side, Plzeň has completed the second round of the Champions League, in which they defeated the Finnish champions HJK Helsinki after two wins.

ONLINE: Teplice – Viktoria Plze

We watch the match minute by minute.

On Monday, Viktoria University will leave for Moldova, where it will meet Eriff Tiraspol in the second phase of the European qualification. This is also why Michal Blek did not put all the supports in Teplice.

Only include, for example, Pernica, Mosquera and Chor among the substitutes. During the arrival of newcomers Kliment, the spinner Pila plays in the composition from the first minute.

At home last year they recovered and in the bar, in the current season they will want to play in.


30/07/2022 19:00

J. Mosquera, K. Qose, Cad, M. Ndiaye, M. Trusa, M. Hard, R. Heirs, T. Chor, F. ihk, R. eznk, L. Pernica

Decision: J. Machlek – P. Caletka, P. Antonek

Wild poet: 6,403 (35% of capacity 18,221)

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