Czech defender David Sklenička (80) is rejoicing with his teammates from the goal against the home team in the match of the Swedish Hockey Games in Stockholm.
| photo: AP

The national team before the peak of the season is taking a decent form.

Czech Republic:

Vejmelka (Lukeš) – Šimek, Hronek – Musil, Kundrátek – Krejčík, Jiříček – Jordán, Moravčík – Červenka, Krejčí, Blümel – Simon, Hertl, Vrána – Chlapík, Holík, Stránský – Flek, Černoch, Zohorna – Kodýtek

He won the fourth game in a row against Suomi on Saturday and can now dominate the second Euro Hockey Tour in a row overall. A week ago, he dominated the Czech Games in Ostrava.

The country of the Helvetic Cross traditionally worries the biggest favorites, which is only confirmed by its performances in Sweden. The team led by Patrick Fischer first defeated Finland 3: 2 on Thursday and lost 2: 3 with the tournament host after extra time, although he still led by two goals in the 47th minute.

ONLINE: Switzerland – Czechia

We are watching the final performance of the national team before the World Cup in detail

The encounter with the Swiss is the last that Jalonen’s team embarks on before the start of the World Cup.

The evening after arriving from Stockholm, the Finnish coach will announce the final nomination for the championships in Tampere and Helsinki, which will break out on Friday. The Czechs will enter it a day later with a duel with Great Britain.

Swedish Games 2022

3rd round 8. 5. 2022 12:00

May 8, 2022 12:00


Berra – Fora, Frick – Egli, Siegenthaler – Glauser, Marti – Loeffel – Corvi, Suter – Ambühl, Scherwey, Thürkauf – Bertschy, Riat, Genus – Eggenberger, Home, Miranda



– Hronek, Šimek – Kundratek, Musil – Jiříček, Tailor – Jordan, Moravčík – Kodýtek – Flowers, Robin, Tailor – Hertl, Simon, Crow – Holík, Fellow, Stránský – black man, Stain, Zohorna H.

Referee: Andreas Harnebring, Daniel Eriksson – Ludvig Lundgren.

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