Slvistick stopper Aiham Ousou of Tom Grigar in Brno.
| photo:
Petr Topi,

After the afternoon victory of Pilsen above Sparta, Slavia loses from the second city to the first five points. There was a difference between two points …

Trenr Jindich Trpiovsk vak has nothing to do with Bah, Provod and Olayinka. On the other hand, Ousa and Sora return to the base line-up, and Tecl, Jursek or Plavi also enter from the first minute.

ONLINE: Slavia – Slovakia

We follow Utkn minute by minute.

They did not win in the superstructure in June: after serving with Hradec Krlov (3: 4) last time they only drew with Pilsen (1: 1).

Slavia managed both two duels with Slovakia in the current season: at home she increased 2: 1, Orel would decide to give the guests a penalty kick and did not rule out Boil at home. Zelinka, a video assistant, was wrong, as he received a decision from the commission on Sunday.

In the spring, the squirrel in Uherské Hraditi increased 1: 0. What about you?