Jan Sýkora from Pilsen in action during the rematch of the 2nd preliminary round of the Champions League with Helsinki.
| photo: Petr Eret,

Sheriff Tiraspol is the second obstacle in the way of Pilsen’s dream, which is to participate in the Champions League.

After mastering the second preliminary round, in which they defeated HJK Helsinki twice, Pilsen won at least the basic group of the Conference League. They don’t need anything anymore, but they want a lot.

ONLINE: Sheriff Tiraspol – Viktoria Pilsen

While the second preliminary round of the Champions League was crucial in terms of securing the cups for the entire autumn, the third is where the big money is at stake.

The promotion will bring participation in the final play-off, which is already covered by the marketing of the European Football Union (UEFA). If the club does not succeed in it, they will receive five million euros as compensation, which translates to about 125 million crowns.

At the same time, they will ensure participation in the basic group of the European League, which constitutes a bonus of 3,630,000 euros (90 million crowns). And more money, without Pilsen kicking the ball in September, will flow in for a ten-year coefficient. According to estimates, the club would reach approximately 75 million crowns.

In total, it is almost 300 million crowns, and another amount can be earned thanks to successful results.

It’s all up for grabs against the Sheriff.