On Sunday, Plze defeated Sparta 3-0 in the league, dr. She lost 20 times in a row, but she suffered one of two portions this season in August first on the hit of Hradec Krlov.

The house is weakened by the support of Vlkanov and Mejdr, a large number of VIP guests at Sunday’s Slavia match, which I am interested in. The first was injured, the second according to the official loss of the club due to offers from other clubs a certain head.

Slavia needs to be enlarged in Ostrava, which is no longer possible – end. In the last nine league duels, Red Bank did not lose.

Sparta, which on Monday, after unsatisfactory results, recalled Kouba Vrba, who was in the process of extending his contract in January, will join Slovakia in the aftermath of the postponed funeral finale, which takes place in Uherský Hradit in exactly one week.

For the first time, the temporary coach Hork, commissioned from the reserve, leads the team, and the home of the dungeon is started by the capital Dokal, who only closes the career at the age of 33 after the seasons. In the case of his co-play Hloka, O louen s Letná is also likely to work abroad.

Rescue group

On the agenda were the duels of darkness from the strike of the strike. Bohemians go hopefully to avoid the barrier of the equalizing glu from the set time in Jablonec (1: 1).

The grain that had the best entry position is calm. Pardubice could have had one, but they collected for the first time in the superstructure and they don’t have to go to the rescue.

Although they led at home after a shot by Patrick, a guest from Sparta, Simersk tied in 75 minutes.

If they enter the superstructures from the penultimate city, what can be a problem for them – if the Bohemians touch on them, thanks to better placement after the foundation, they can condemn them to the barrier. In Teplice, however, they have a hundred points and Praanm will be out of reach.

The Bohemians struggled at the last minute. The chord on the edge of the minute set leveled the stele to the bli tyi Hronek. Therefore, Jablonec, which laughed at it thanks to the embassy Vclava Pilae, is not sure either.

Konen poad and equality point

What decides?

  1. You have a number of points
  2. You count the points gained in the subtle basement bases
  3. Goal difference from the excellent matches of the base
  4. You have a number of goals scored in special match bases
  5. You goal difference from all matches of the competition (including superstructures)
  6. You have many goals scored (including superstructures)
  7. You place Fair Play
  8. Los

Severoei may not drive well, but if they have the same point as the Bohemians after the last round of the superstructure, a better balance will decide in their favor.

The Bohemians must defeat Karviná and at the same time hope that Pardubice will lose in Teplice or that Jablonec will succumb to Zlín. If Jablonec were to draw, in the event of a tie, the balance would remain in front of them.

Karvin is a certain descendant, the pesto went through Teplice. On her hit, they twice got into the lead, which they lost twice. Hitchhiker Buchta equalized to 2: 2 in the 90th minute. There is no shortage of bar bakes for Teplice.