Antonn Rsek from Olomouc leads him, led by Samuel Danck from Mlad Boleslav.
| photo: TK

Stedoei won a week ago thanks to Pech and Hlavatho, to which only the Olomouc Zifk was able to answer. Rsek could have settled in the twist, but he did not change the penalty.

ONLINE: Mlad Boleslav – Olomouc

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Mlad Boleslav is in the midst of the group ‘s superstructures – last year, as well as in 2019, she took over and advanced to a qualified match for the European League, which is not being played this year. Vtz dvojzpasz zsk bonus million crowns and in five seasons he will be placed in this round in the home cup.

Olomouc reached the finals after two semifinal games over Liberec, Stedoei defeated esk Budjovice twice in the first round.