Ibrahim Traoré (left) and Vojtěch Smrž fighting for the ball.
| photo: CTK

They lost the famous last game against Hradec Králové in the spring 3:4. At the start of the superstructure, they faced problems that ultimately resulted in the loss of first place.

They want to take back the title in the current season. At the beginning of the season, however, they are also fighting on the European front, where they will face Greece’s Panathinaikos on Thursday in the third preliminary round of the Conference League.

ONLINE: Hradec Králové – Slavia

We follow the game minute by minute.

The Hradec Králové jersey includes captain Adam Vlkanova, whose departure was hotly speculated after last season. Among the players in the basic lineup, Jan Mejdr (Sparta) and Jan Král (Eupen) left the squad.


31/07/2022 16:00

L. Shrovetide, P. Ševčík, T. Kacharaba, I. Schranz, O. Lingr, S. Tecl, O. Kolar, L. Conduct, M. Jurásek, D. Phil, M. Icha

Referee: M. Zelinka – K. Hájek, J. Cross

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