CL IN NEED. Peloton during the seven stages of the Italian Gira.
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The only plane will be for the first ten kilometers, then the cyclist will go inland and the rest of the route will go up and down all the time.

The first starting day is Passo Colla, which measures 9.3 kilometers and 4.5 percent on average. It is followed by the Monte Sirino players (24.4 kilometers and 3.8 percent) and the steep Monte Grande di Viggiano, which has an average slope of 9.1 percent at 6.6 kilometers and also contains 15% ramps.

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The last rated hill is La Sellata, which is 7.8 kilometers and 5.9 percent.

When a cyclist defeats him, the rest is a bag. There will be more than 23 kilometers left in this area, during which time you will have to overcome several smaller entrances, including the one in the city of Potenza, only in your twelve percent.

Who will arrive at the customs first?

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Stages are talked about as a great baldness for anyone. The favorite could be on Sunday, when the mountain ride to Blockhaus is feared.

Even with the escape of the fugitive, however, Juan Pedro Lpez also complains about him. In second place behind him, Lennard Kmnu, just 38 seconds behind. Tet Rein Taarame m short 58 seconds.

Simon Yates is a 1:42 minute quarterback, Joao Almeida is the seventh puck with a deficit of 1:58 minutes and Richard Carapaz is eleven with a loss of 2:06 minutes.

How will the stage turn out?

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