esk obrnce David Sklenika (80) is rejoicing with his teammates from glu against the home team in the match of the women’s hockey games in Stockholm.
| photo: AP

They also had better entry to the tournament, who won 2: 1 over the championship. The Finns played a water duel at home in Tampere, a slightly surprising bag succumbed to a 2: 3 match.

ONLINE: Finland – esko

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It was always nron, but sweat will come. I rd e se vtz. It also helps mentally, to Tom Hertl, an esk from the NHL, who joined the darkness in Stockholm and appeared in a kind of formation alongside Jakub Vrna and Jiho Smejkal.

Finns are not exactly a popular adversary for the Czechs. In the course of the seasons, they have so far reached the best of the proverbs and the Seveans rejoiced in peace, although in two cases it was and after separate raids.

The last time the Czech national team took over Suomi a year ago at the Czech hockey games, Finland showed the final stop in the quarterfinals of the World Cup.