Luk erv (center) of Pardubice watches the balloon in the back against the Bohemians.
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Since last week, the only certain relegation to the second league is the last Karvin, which was replaced by Zbrojovka Brno in the highest competition. But what about dl?

They show the best form at the start of the group Pardubicewho won both St. Passes in Jablonec for Bohemians. And Vchodoechy ek back against the renegade from Karviná, that is promising.

You need to play Teplice and Jablonec, who will compete in Stnadly in a pmm duel. Domc are one point behind and the game is shot outside the bar position. Jablonec, on the other hand, would fall for the nv fall.

The wheels have the worst entry position before the end of the superstructure Bohemianswho, after two rescue missions, broke into fifteen cities. They miss two points on tinct Jablonec – and also play in Zlnwhich will definitely ensure peace and stay in the league.

He will not decide on the barrier on Saturday, because by the end of the competition of all darkness, the game will go two times. Leccos bag results tetho wheels superstructure help …

This also applies to groups for the title, which on Saturday only has an insignificant duel between Ostrava and sixth Hradec Krlov. But on Sunday, he fights first with the third and the second with the fourth.

The Pilsen, which hit the first place in Eden, hit Sparta in the first place, first from 4 p.m. She had the finals of the home cup with Slovakia, but the duel was postponed due to three clouds over Uherské Hradiště and at the end of the season.

First Slovakia goes to Slavia, which I must not afford to stumble. The title race after serving with Hradec Krlov and the house with Pilsen in their hands. Even those games from the last three ways can only mean silver money for her, which would be disappointing.

Vervenobl finished without a single trophy for the last time in the 2015/16 season.

3rd round of the superstructure and water duel finle o umstn

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