One of the victims in the case of a terrorist attack against military commander Tatarsky has died. What is known about the trial of Daria Trepova?

One of the victims in the case of a terrorist attack in a St. Petersburg cafe against a war correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky (Maxima Fomin) passed away. About it stated Judge Timur Zhidkov at the first meeting of the 1st Western District Military Court.

The courtroom did not clarify whether this was related to the explosion. Now the written testimony of the victim cannot be read out along with the testimony of other persons who did not appear at the trial, the judge said.

The accused partially admitted guilt

Daria Trepova (listed as terrorists and extremists Rosfinmonitoring)accused of committing a terrorist attack against war correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky (Maxim Fomin), partially admitted guilt in the courtroom. The girl stated that she did not know about the explosives in the figurine. At the same time, guilty under Article 327 (“Use of false documents”) of the Criminal Code RF she admitted completely.

The day before Trepov failed lie detector test. During the check, she convinced the investigators that she did not know about the bomb, but if the answer was negative, the indicators of her condition changed dramatically.

Also It revealedthat escaped on Ukraine journalist Roman Popkov (included in the list of terrorists and extremists of Rosfinmonitoring) recruited Trepova to carry out a terrorist attack on a social network. Popkov noticed her among the participants of the rally that took place in March 2022, they subscribed to each other’s pages and began to communicate. Trepova wrote to the journalist that she also wanted to go to Ukraine, and then he brought her together with the organizers of the terrorist attack. On their instructions, she bought SIM cards and began to infiltrate the military correspondent’s circle under the legend of a patriotic artist-sculptor. Trepova was given a fake driver’s license in the name of a real-life student at the Repin Academy, Anastasia, and a channel about art was started.

It became known that Dmitry Kasintsev, who was sheltering Trepova, met her on the day of the terrorist attack. When Daria arrived at the specified address on Fyodor Abramov Street, she introduced herself to Kasintsev as an opposition activist. The young man guessed that the girl was directly related to the explosion of the cafe with Tatarsky. Despite this, when the police came to him during a patrol, he didn’t issue her, stating that he was at home alone and had not seen anyone suspicious. Trepova herself was hiding in the closet at that moment.

In Ukraine, Tatarsky’s life was valued at 195 thousand rubles

Trepova received from Ukrainian curators 195 thousand rubles. The girl received the money through a crypto wallet. First, bitcoins were transferred to her, then she converted them into rubles and transferred them to a bank card. Trepova spent a large amount of money on renting housing in Moscow And St. Petersburgbuying mobile phones, traveling to Omsk for the sake of Tatarsky’s lecture and the hotel. The defendant spent the small remainder on cafes and clothes. Connections with Ukraine were her only source of income.

Psychiatrists recognized Trepov is sane. As a result of the forensic examination, experts came to the conclusion that she was aware of the danger and consequences of her actions. Nevertheless, she has been diagnosed with mental problems – Trepova has increased sensitivity, anxiety, suspiciousness and vulnerability, as well as a desire for vivid emotional experiences with unstable self-esteem.

According to investigators, on April 2 Trepov, at the direction of Ukrainian curators brought in a cafe, a figurine stuffed with explosives. Her girlfriend gave it to Tatarsky; he did not survive the explosion, and 52 more people were injured.

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