From the movie Barbarian
| photo: HCE

At the end of the eleventh century, a Scottish slave is driven by a group of pagans through the country and forced to kill in ruthless battles. To him, who persevered throughout the film, without scratching his opponent’s opponent after another, he created a strong bond with the child, equal to the slave.

The first and the little boy flee the ride together and set out on a journey to a new life. Get them to join the clowns and set out on a ship with them hoping to find the Holy Land. Vtr’s bag unexpectedly blows to North America, where el dalm nstrahm.

A film with a budget of five million dollars made its premiere at the Bentkch Film Festival. A number of strong scenes take place in it, due to which it has earned many rejection reactions. On the other hand, you can see a lot of sales scenarios, the creators focused mainly on the excellency of individual details.

Madok Mikkelsen, the original gymnast and dancer, to whom, according to some critics of the role, was written directly on the body, experienced as Jed. The boy plays Maarten Stevenson.

He looks around the names

In an hour and a long acne of the drama, the real names of the main characters do not change. The escaped slave at Mikkelsen’s business is always known as Jednook, which is a nickname given to him by a boy. Not even his name will be known to the audience.

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