Experts expected that the diamond would be a big deal. But the auction lasted only a few minutes, the AFP agency reported. Diamond vc 228.31 card bag at auction one record broke, the highest price per card in the world category.

Rahul Kadakia from the prestigious Christies auction house was in charge of The Rock’s auction, and the result did not disappoint him, despite the fact. It was originally assumed that the diamond could be sold for 30 million Czech francs (729 million crowns).

The resulting commission for the commission, which the buyer from North America just plans to remain anonymous, is 21.7 million Czech francs (526 million crowns).

The unique bl diamond was discovered about twenty years ago, in South Africa. The Rock is 3.1 inches long and 5.4 inches long and at 61.3 grams. The previous owner extorted it directly from the Christies auction house and wore it as a mouthful of a Cartier necklace.

It is a truly symmetrical pear-shaped diamond and is perfectly symmetrical, said AFP agent before the sale Max Fawcett, head of the perk Christies in enev. According to the expert, this is a fairly rare problem, because the most important diamonds have a deciduous shape when grinding. According to Fawcett, there are only a handful of diamonds of this quality.

The Rock has set a new record price for G-colored diamond cards. The scale for flea diamond colors is from D to Z, D is completely colorless, G is the fourth best value.