One detail in Kate Middleton’s new look has sparked controversy online

Princess Catherine of Wales guest-hosted a televised address on the BBC and sparked controversy online. The corresponding video of the speech and comments appeared on the publication’s website Daily Mail.

Kate Middleton appeared in front of the camera in a blue silk blouse decorated with abstract patterns. At the same time, she styled her hair in large curls and emphasized the bangs.

Readers of the publication did not appreciate the new image of the royal person because of one detail, which they began to write about in the comments under the material. “The princess needs a better hairstyle that will look more sophisticated and stylish on her”, “She needs a haircut”, “She is becoming more and more annoying”, “She has very long hair”, “Those bangs are making her skin darker . It feels like she applied self-tanner to herself,” they were indignant.

In October, royal historian Jessica Storoshchuk revealed The secret meaning behind Kate Middleton’s outfit changes. After the coronation of Charles III, she may have felt she could dress differently, according to the expert. In addition, the specialist noted that the royal lady is trying to get rid of the status of a fashion icon that her fans have given her.

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