You better not to put pressure on the wild numbers
(smiles) He only speaks for himself, so I admit that for me it’s really a very stressful time. After two years, the seduction in front of the girls, again, is also responsible.

Surprised vs. how fast tickets disappeared from pre-sale?
We are all very sorry for that. I don’t even know how best to comment. In short, people who ride bikes and fans of this sport are a lot. And the other girls are the ones who don’t ride on your own, but follow the temptations. That’s very nice.

In other words, I was relieved.
Let’s see at the end, because we don’t really know what it will be like with people who have tickets from the previous two years when they couldn’t go to the stadium.

If you have any idea about the sweat of a fan who arrives in Nova Mesto for a ride, you probably have. Or not?
I would estimate it at twenty thousand. But it’s sp pn.

I assume that the biggest lie will come on Sunday.
That’s right. There I would say that the activity will be between twelve and fifteen thousand people. The first two days are always weak. That’s it. Or it used to be that time to go. (smile)

The top biker is also a positive addition to the audience. Agree?
I’ll put it this way: let’s take one of the biggest series of mountain bikes, so many of the best skiers are almost a matter of course. That is, except for some, such as the British Tom Pidcock or the Dutchman Mathieu van der Poel.

The kind named gave preference to the famous Gira.
That’s right, but Tom confirmed. Mon will go to the Tour de France.

Undoubtedly, Ondej Cink is the biggest hope, even though he has recently suffered from pollen allergies a lot. How do you see his ance in Sunday’s seduction?
Ondra started medication, I also think he can handle it. Of course, some shortfall in the preparation of the young, whoever knows that he will fight and we will rejoice.

So try to guess which city will take you to customs?
When it happens, it will rain. But I think it will turn out a lot better.

The place of the furnace is not so bad again.
Certainly not, especially in day biker competition.

It’s time to go to the accompanying program for a while. The autograph of the three-time Olympic race in the alpine ski room or in the snowboarding Ester Ledeck will be a great attraction.
Of course, even if the autograph is not 100% complete. The only thing that is certain is that Ester will be in Novm Mst on Saturday between 10 and 11 o’clock, because then he will go to the glacier at the headquarters. However, fans will find out all the news and changes on our website and Facebook.

Mountain bike SP program in Nové Mesto na Morav 2022:

May 14:World Cup: Juniors (9:15), World Cup: Juniors (11:15), World Cup: Cross-country Olympic Mui U23 (15:00) World Cup: Cross-country Olympic U23 (16:30)
May 15:World Cup: Cross-country Olympic woman Elite (11:20) World Cup: Cross-country Olympic woman Mui Elite (15:20)