The highest temperature of 39.0 C was named in ei near Prague-Husinci and thus the June temperature record was broken, which was so far 38.9 C set on June 26, 2019 in Doksany.

Of the stations, which according to less than 30 years, the record for this day was pekonn at 60 stations, points out meteorologist Frantiek opko. The temperature record also broke in Prague-Klementinum, where the temperature was 36.8 C, which was a nice record from 2013, which was 34.4 C.

Today it will be clear and partly cloudy, cloudy and overcast from the back, light in the wind, revenge of the storm, occasionally strong, very strong at the entrance. In the north of the northwest there is a clearing and a decrease in clouds.

The highest temperatures of 28 and 33 C, in the north and northwest of the country around 26 C, in 1000 m in the mountains around 25 C. Weak, gradually slightly southwest and west, to the evening and northwest winds 3 and 7 m / s. The wind in the storms infantry.

At night on ter meteorologists expect clear and partly cloudy. At the entrance sweat and a cloud, occasionally pawns or boulevards. The lowest temperatures are 11 and 7 C. The light northwest and downwind of 3 and 7 m / s will weaken downwards.

V ter it will be clear and partly cloudy, revenge and cloud. The highest temperatures are 22 and 26 C, to the northeast around 21 C. Mrn northwest wind 2 and 6 m / s will weaken in the evening.

In the center meteorologists predpokldaj almost clear and partly cloudy, gradually from the southwest cloudy and overcast, revenge, especially in the other half of the country on foot or storm. Lowest temperatures 13 and 9 C. Highest daily temperatures 24 and 28 C. Low variability wind 1 and 4 m / s in light transient intensities.

On Thursday will be partly cloudy, occasionally with increased clouds, especially in the south-west of the foothills or even the boulevard. Not more than 16 and 12 C. Not exceeding the daily temperature of 27 and 32 C. Slightly variable wind 1 and 4 m / s.

V ptek it should be almost clear and partly cloudy, gradually from the back of rough clouds, small places and thunderstorms. Lowest temperatures 17 and 13 C. Highest daily temperatures 28 and 32 C. Slightly variable wind up to 4 m / s in light transient.

Weather forecast from Saturday to Monday: Cloudy and overcast, light rain or thunderstorms. Pechodn and partly cloudy. Not only temperatures 18 and 13 C. Not more daily temperatures 23 and 28 C.