On Victory Day, the Sasovites honored the memory of gunsmith Nikolai Makarov

On May 9, Sasovo hosted a rally dedicated to the 108th anniversary of the gunsmith Nikolai Makarov.

Deputies, residents and guests of the city, veterans and home front workers, representatives of labor collectives and public organizations, schoolchildren and students gathered at the monument. The participants honored the memory of those who defended our country in difficult times of war and laid flowers at the monument to Nikolai Fedorovich.

Head of City Administration Evgenia Rubtsova noted the personal qualities of the gunsmith:

“Everyone who knew Nikolai Makarov, who personally spoke with him, noted his modesty, decency and good nature. We are truly proud of our fellow countryman.”


Nikolai Makarov – Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of the USSR State Prizes and the Prize. I.S. Mosin, who was awarded two Orders of Lenin, the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and many medals.
Makarov’s life is closely connected with Sasov. Here, from 1931 to 1936, he worked in a locomotive depot. From here he began his ascent to the heights of gunsmithing, here he came on vacation to relax his soul. Here, in January 2019, a monument was unveiled to him.

His name has become synonymous with the reliability of any weapon. The Makarov pistol is considered one of the best mass-produced pistols of the 20th century. It has been in service for about 70 years. For many years, work has been underway to create a replacement for the PM. But Nikolai Makarov raised the bar so high that there is still no pistol that can be launched into series. Since 1951, more than five million PM-9s have been produced in our country and about the same number abroad.

The talent of Nikolai Fedorovich made it possible to create various systems from a pistol to guided anti-tank missiles.