A rally, a procession of the Immortal Regiment and a concert were held in Spassk on Victory Day

In Spassk, festive events dedicated to May 9 began in the morning in Victory Park. Residents, the leadership of the district and the city, the deputy of the regional Duma Sergey Grishkov, representatives of public organizations, schoolchildren laid wreaths and flowers at the foot of the obelisk and at the memorial. They honored the memory of the fallen during the Great Patriotic War with a minute of silence. The rally participants were congratulated by the head of the administration of the Spassky district Igor Tishin and the deputy minister of physical culture and sports of the Ryazan region Yuri Koldin.

The main event of the holiday was the procession of the Immortal Regiment. More than 32 thousand inhabitants of the Spassky district went to the front, 20 thousand people did not return from the battlefields. The downpour and strong wind did not stop the rescuers. Hundreds of citizens came with portraits of their relatives to march shoulder to shoulder in the ranks of the Immortal Regiment and honor the memory of the heroes.

Vyacheslav Kiselev made a mini-stand on which he posted a photo of his parents and the awards of his father-front-line soldier.

“My dad Semyon Romanovich Kiselev was a scout,” says Vyacheslav Semenovich. – He was awarded two Orders of the Red Star, reached Berlin. Throughout the war, my mother Sofya Petrovna was waiting for him from the front. It was also very difficult for those who remained in the rear. But the Soviet people survived, did not break, and won!”

The festive column was headed by members of the Youth Army, who carried the Banner of Victory. Members of the “Immortal Regiment” marched through the central streets of Spassk to the music of a brass band. At the “War” stele and at the graves of the soldiers who died in the Spassky hospital in 1944, they paid tribute to the memory of the defenders of the Motherland who gave their lives in the fight against fascism, and laid wreaths and flowers.

Then the celebration continued in the area of ​​the House of Culture. Spectators once again congratulated the head of the regional administration Igor Tishin.

“We have just participated in the procession of the Immortal Regiment,” said Igor Nikolayevich. – And together with us, our grandfathers and great-grandfathers passed shoulder to shoulder. Those who won the Great Victory for us. This is a landmark event that links generations, helps not to forget the horror of war and the great feat of that generation. From the bottom of my heart I congratulate you on Victory Day. Peace, goodness and happiness to you and your families, Happy Holidays!”

After the concert, the guests were treated to soldier’s porridge and tea in the foyer of the RDK.