In the Rostov region, the Tsimlyansk reservoir was cleared of abandoned fishing gear, on the territory of which about a hundred illegal fishing gear were found, the official portal of the regional government reports.

On the Don, until May 25, an environmental campaign “Day without nets” is being held, in which 12 fishing enterprises participate. The event is organized by the Azovo-Chernomorsky Territorial Administration of the Federal Fisheries Agency together with the regional Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Natural Resources.

  • Clearing water bodies will improve their ecology and help preserve existing fish stocks. Work on the removal of poaching fishing gear from water bodies is extremely important, especially during the spawning season. They are held as part of a two-month period for the protection of spring-spawning fish species, which will last in the Rostov region until May 31, – explained the Don Minister of Agriculture and Food Konstantin Rachalovsky.

The action “All-Russian day without networks” began on May 5. Its participants are engaged in the removal of abandoned and illegally installed fishing gear from water bodies. As well as clearing the coastline from debris.