From May 1 to May 9, the All-Russian action “Windows of Victory” is taking place on the Don. Residents of the region depict symbols of the Great Victory on the windows of their houses – St. George ribbons, red stars, doves, salutes, as well as words of gratitude to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

  • All 55 municipalities of our region joined the action. By May 9, more than 1,500 windows have been decorated. These are not only windows of residential buildings, but also educational, cultural and other social institutions, administrations, offices of various companies, – said Alexander Nikitochkin, chairman of the youth policy committee of the Rostov region.

The action is carried out by the youth policy committee of the Rostov region together with the Rostovpatriotcenter.

Participants of the Center for Patriotic Education of the RSEU RINH also joined the action. Activists, together with employees of the Rostovpatriotcenter, decorated the windows of their native educational institution with appliqués with congratulations and images of symbols of the Great Victory.

As a reminder, until May 31, Donetsk residents can also take part in the online campaign “Windows of Victory”. To do this, it is necessary to decorate the windows of apartments and houses with any symbols of the Great Victory using paints, stickers or any other means. Photos of decorated windows should be published on personal pages on social networks with hashtags: #Windows of Victory, #Windows of Victory61, #DonMolodoy.