In the Rostov Region, Centers for Assistance to Children Left Without Parental Care will be able to accept newborn children.

  • This will allow the admission of brothers and sisters, underage mothers with their newborn children to institutions, which will help preserve and strengthen family ties, prevent mothers from raising children, – said Igor Guskov, First Deputy Governor of the Rostov Region.

He recalled that previously it was possible to place orphans and children left without parental care at the age of 3 years in the centers, until this age they were in orphanages. In the case of identifying orphans from the same family with a large difference in age, they were placed in different institutions, family ties between them were lost. The same situation developed with underage mothers from among orphans whose children were brought up in a children’s home.

Currently, the statutes of eight child care centers have been amended to allow them to accept babies from the age of 1 year, 2 centers can accept newborn children. For each appropriate age, all the necessary conditions for living and development have been created, furniture, games and toys have been purchased.