On June 22, candles were lit in the Spassky District and a rally dedicated to the Day of Memory and Sorrow was held

Memorial candles were lit in the regional center at 4 a.m. and flowers were laid at the memorial and on the graves of soldiers who died during the war years in the Spassky hospital. With a minute of silence, the Saviors honored the memory of those who did not return from the battlefields, and prayed for them during the funeral litia.

Head of the Spassky District Administration Igor Tishin:

“For 1418 days and nights, our grandfathers and great-grandfathers walked through death towards Victory. And now their grandchildren and great-grandchildren are defending the independence of our country and heroically fighting in Ukraine against the evil that has appeared in our world. And we are sure that the enemy will be defeated and victory will be ours.”

And in the afternoon, a rally dedicated to the Day of Memory and Sorrow was held in Victory Park near the memorial to the soldiers-compatriots who fell during the Great Patriotic War. It was attended by representatives of the regional Duma and public organizations, the leadership of the district and the city, schoolchildren and youth members, citizens.

Head of the district Olga Venevtseva:

“Today we remember one of the most mournful and tragic dates in the history of our country. On this day, 81 years ago, the Great Patriotic War began. It brought many troubles and sufferings to our people, claimed millions of human lives. Tens of years have passed since those terrible events, but we bow to the courage of our heroes who laid down their lives on the battlefields, died of illnesses and wounds, and worked in the rear. We will always remember that they gave us freedom, independence and a peaceful sky above our heads. We are proud that we are the descendants of the generation of winners!”

During the war years, more than 32,000 people left the Spassky District for the front, and about 11,000 soldiers returned. 29 natives and residents of the Spassky land were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, 6 people became full holders of the Order of Glory.

In the settlements of the regions, candles were also lit in memory of the fallen during the Great Patriotic War and flowers were laid at the steles and obelisks.