11 free dry closets will be installed during the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Nizhny Tagil in places of mass celebrations. And the work of stationary latrines will be extended until at least midnight. This was reported to IA “All News” in the press service of the mayor’s office.

5 dry closets will be placed near the medical college next to the main stage of the City Day behind Sovremennik. Two booths will appear at the house on Goroshnikova, 66 next to the registry office, on the embankment of the Tagil pond near the house on Goroshnikova, 66 and opposite the socio-political center on Lenin Avenue.

In addition, year-round public latrines will be opened, which are serviced at the expense of the city budget. They are located near Lisya Gora (1), along the embankment of the Tagil Pond from the circus to the hotel (2), on the Tagil Lagoon behind the GDDYUT (1), in Narodny Park (1), Pionersky Square on Vagonka (1), the park on Murinsky Ponds ( one). From May to August, these latrines are open from 10 am to 10 pm. But from August 12 to 14, the schedule will be extended until midnight.

There are two paid toilets in the Bondin Culture and Leisure Park. The first is year-round and is also open until 22:00 in summer. But on City Day, the restroom will be closed at 00:30. The second booth is open only during the warm season from 12:30 to 19:30.

For a long time, latrines worked in the Theater Square – next to the descent to the fountain. But a few years ago the entrance was closed. According to the mayor’s office, operation is impossible due to a malfunction of engineering communications. But this year, toilets should be opened in new public spaces – on the Pikhtovye Gory and in the metallurgists’ park on Vagonka.

On holidays, Nizhny Tagil will be cleaned from trash in the morning – after all the events. And during the festivities, only the emptying of the urns is provided. In order to reduce the amount of garbage, they promise to put cubic containers in crowded places, and an 8 cubic meter bunker at the service entrance to Bondin Park. The work of outdoor lighting will be extended until 01:30.

We will celebrate the 300th anniversary of Nizhny Tagil on August 12-14. In a programme fireworks festival in the waters of the Tagil Pond, mapping show on the building of the Drama Theater, concerts with the participation of Khabib, Dead blonde & GSPD, Yegor Nats and the Na-Na group. Several streets in the center will be blocked – see maps here.

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    Toilet in Bondina Park

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    Toilet in Narodny Park

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    Toilet in Pioneer Square on Clapboard