Pardubice basketball player Tomáš Tkadlec (right) in the match with Nymburk, defended by Luka Rupnik.
| photo: David Šváb / ERA Nymburk

“It simply came to our notice then. Coach Čurovič led the team to the rescue and logically got the opportunity to continue. Feštr played probably the best season of his career and played the role of captain and leader. Kněževič was the third best-jumping player of Kooperativa NBL. We are glad that we managed to keep our support, “praises BK Redstone sports manager Michal Pekárek.

The club won the promising Erik Klepač from Prostějov, a skillful shooter from a distance, his twin Adam travels in the opposite direction and will play in the first league. Marek Sehnal will not continue in the team. “The season didn’t work out for him, he realized that it wasn’t ideal,” Pekárek remarked.

Filip Halada is not behind the optimal season either. His performances after his transfer from Hradec Králové greatly limited his health problems. Nevertheless, he agreed on a new annual contract. “Even with a smaller surgical base, it’s okay. We want him to show why we brought him in the new competition year, “explains the manager of Olomouc in Halada’s second chance.

The newcomer to the team will be Tomáš Tkadlec, a former Pardubice player. Last season in Kooperativa NBL started in nineteen matches, he got more space in the first league, where he was the eighth best scorer. “He showed a good hand. He is still a young player who is constantly improving, “said the 23-year-old quarterback or the Pekárek wing.

Negotiations on other contracts are still ongoing. Nicolas Tomsick, one of the team’s mainstays, received an offer. “We are having a lot of debates. With players, managers. It belongs to the period between seasons. It is always important that all parties agree on the terms. We’ll see who we talk to in the end. In several cases, we are very close, “he does not want to specify the stage of negotiations with other Pekárek players yet.