We are long enough for it to be ready, but we will see, Olomouc coach Vclav Jlek remarked.

It would be a sad event of a three-time league champion with Pilsen. Hubnk had to be middle of the week at the end of the half-day, when he was injured after the chicken pox. And she couldn’t get Sigma, she collected the money. It was the rest of the individual action of a simple city, and he was injured. Then we didn’t agree on a rebound and we collected the ride, sorry Jlka.

Florent Poulolo replaced Hubble, but he was shaking his injured knee. Florent managed the way very long, considering that he started after a very long time, Jlek appreciated. The kind of goal of the soup was full, but it will happen, reminded Michal Mazekek, who further changed the direction of Hlavata’s stalk from behind.

So sigmck legend Vepek me play his last he has in the highest competition. Although he was offered a new contract, he would be able to start in the B-dark if he advanced to the second league. Tot salary in the case of Hubnka, only according to a source MF DNES is ready to end the career. At the end of the season, he was one of the best sigmkm and proves that he is still in the league.

Bene and Chytil are in a thorn

Olomouc suffered from an unmarried morodka, which could be trampled by Vt Bene and Tonk Mojmr Chytil. They are in the thorning process and could be ready, in Jlek. We have a really lot of injuries, even a whole one.

Vtz duel for seven places to get a bonus of one million crowns and in five seasons he will be placed in the 3rd round in the home cup. Sigma has to catch up, or Tonk Antonn Rsek did not turn the penalty into a twist at home, which happened to Hankm in the spring. The result is below the gameplay, to Jlek. I don’t think we have to change anything radically. Soupe ns did not play dramatically, he did not have a lot of anc. But we have to eliminate its technical game more and also be a dangerous forward.

He wants to eliminate Ladra’s stepmother and Matjovsky’s stubborn plumach. The quality in combat situations, which Ladra kept under pressure, dl diff. Marek Matjovsk and Ladra were the best players for me, Jlek said. There was a lot of respect. Vm, e se poume. Get out of the last twenty minutes, but I think the main change in mentality worked. We had nothing to lose, we were taken away and it showed.

This is how the youngsters Sigmy came to life. Jchym ps Pavel Zifkem brought a healthy aggression. tpn Langer did not move at all, Patrik Slamna was also very good in the twist, Jlek for a while.

In the form, play both half-runners in particular – Ondej Zmrzl wrote an assistance and improved his seasonal balance on three gly and three pies.

Juraj Chvtal m statistics 0 + 7.

A break helped them. We had them unplugged as part of a certain restart. We talked to them and it worked. The boys are set very time, t Jlka. Ondra’s danger has increased, and at the same time he is reliably backwards. In each case, a large number of kilometers. The beast of the season blew him away.

By the way, the day’s return doesn’t have to be Sigma only with Hubnek, but with the nineteen-year-old villain Krytof Dak; the one with Sparta.