Olomouc Dental Emergency, which is provided by the Department of Wall, Medical and Facial Surgery, has so far been available on weekdays from eight in the morning to three in the afternoon and then from three in the afternoon to seven in the morning. It was open 24 hours a day on weekends and holidays.

From 1 June, the establishment will be open from 3 pm to 10 pm and on weekends and holidays from 8 am to 8 pm. The new dental emergency will therefore be closed in the morning and non-hours, said Adam Fritscher, a hospital lecturer.

In the event of a warming condition, once or bleeding in the walls, patients will have a general emergency available at the emergency department in building A, ie in the local familiar buildings of the blue monoblock.

Inaccurate cases will also be categorically referenced to ordinary office hours, or to your dental practitioner. This measure has long been unequivocal in terms of improving the quality of the indicated cases and maintaining the dental emergency as such, emphasized Peter Tvrd, head of the clinic of the wall, surgery and facial surgery.

People with inconvenient problems refuse

The emergency has long struggled with the fact that its services are sought after by people with acute problems, or, for example, they do not want to wait for a term at their teeth. In the past, he also had to get drunk and aggressive patients.

Medical first aid means the outpatient care provided to patients in the event of a sudden change in health or a worsening of the course of the disease. Fritscher said in 2019, when the hospital announced that patients with non-acute sweat will not be exposed.

In the event of an emergency, some patients refuse to take this into account and request completely normal performance at any time of the day or day. Their number increased steadily, he added at the time.

According to TK, the number of Olomouc dental first aid rates has multiplied over the last twenty years. In 2003, 4,189 people searched for it, six years later it was 10,380 patients and in 2018 16,938 people. On average, there are 35 and 40 people on average, and there are 90 and 110 on weekends.

Olomouc University Hospital is according to information on the website of the Olomouc region on scientific days, the only medical facility in the entire region where dental first aid is available.

This also applies to weekends and public holidays, with the exception of the hours from 8 am to 12 noon, when the people of Umpersko and Jesenice can go to one of the local teeth, which are on standby on emergency mornings these days.