Oliver Stone announced US attempts to deprive Russia of sovereignty

American director Oliver Stone said that USA strive to deprive Russia sovereignty and seize the country’s resources. He stated this during a conversation with the portal MovieWeb.

The filmmaker emphasized that with the coming to power of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin the country has become stronger. “[Американцы] they don’t want Russia to get back on its feet. We don’t want an independent Russia, we want to deprive it of sovereignty in order to enter the Eurasian continent, which is very rich,” he said.

In July Oliver Stone accused The West is demonizing Putin. He recalled his conversation with the head of state in 2017 during the filming of a documentary about him. According to the director, he did not notice any “belligerence” in Putin’s statements when he interviewed him. “He is not the monster that the American propaganda machine portrays him as, and this is an unfortunate tragedy,” the director said.

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