The king charles II He has only been on the throne for a few months, but the British monarchy is going through difficult times since the Queen Isabel II passed away in September 2022. Just a few days ago all the details of the ceremony for the Coronation of Carlos IIwhich will be in the month of May, but the The prince Andrew he will no longer be able to attend the event, since the new King completely expelled his brother from the Buckingham Palace.

Last year the Duke of York was expelled of the position he had in the family and now, after his brother’s decision, he will not even be able to stay to sleep in the palace, so he reports “the sun«. So if he wants to stay in London to sleep, he will have to look for another place and the main option for Andrés would be the st james palace.

A source close to the royals told “the sun” the next:

King Carlos III has made it clear that the palace is no place for Prince Andrew. He first closed his office last year and now his bedroom. For the Duke of York loved having a suite at Buckingham, where he not only prepared himself for married life with Sarah Ferguson, but he used it as a bachelor pad after her divorce.

As for the rooms in which the prince had at his disposal at Buckingham hitherto, “the sun» revealed last year that the Duke of York likes to surround himself in bed with stuffed animals, which he arranged in specific places.

Regardless of the fact that he is an important member of royalty, the simple fact of leaving the Duke of York could cause a very bad image to the British Crown, which is why it is believed that this decision was made, to prevent people from damaging the vision that they have from the royals.